Tomoko Murakami

Tomoko Murakami
Adjunct Faculty, Printmaking
Office Hours:

MW 6:00 pm – 7:00pm, Rm. 740

TTh 12:30 – 1:30 pm, Rm. 780

Tomoko Murakami is passionate about exploring the medium of printmaking as a multidimensional art form, pushing the boundaries of traditional art and bringing attention to new possibilities in the mixed-media art world. She creates an interplay among space, light, and time through her unique style of art called Yusaifu. Her work involves video, performance, and installation, focusing on interconnections between reality and dreams.

She received the Kala Art Institute fellowship in 1992. Her work has been exhibited at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles; Gallery on the Rim, San Francisco; Tomura Gallery, Tokyo; the Richmond Art Center, California; and Sebastopol Center for the Arts, California.
As an art educator, Tomoko sees teaching as the opportunity to build on her own explorations as a multidisciplinary artist. She uses her personal creative experiences as referents and brings her current creative energies and directions into the learning process. Her love of teaching flourishes in the exchange of creative ideas with her students.
BFA, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music; MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, MA, John F. Kennedy University