Art Classes

Art Classes Headser collage


  • Art 1.1 World Art History to 1500
  • Art 1.2 World Art History Since 1500
  • Art 2.1 History Aesthetic Appreciation of Prehistoric-Gothic Art
  • Art 2.2 History and Appreciation of Late Gothic to Impressionist Art
  • Art 2.5 Women and Art Since 1500 (formerly Art 43)
  • Art 3 Introduction to Art and Design
  • Art 4 Principles of Color
  • Art 5 Three Dimensional Design
  • Art 7A Drawing and Composition


ART 1.1 World Art History to 1500
ART 1.2 World Art History Since 1500
ART 2.1 History & Aesthetic Appreciation of Prehistoric - Gothic Art
ART 2.2 History and Appreciation of Late Gothic to Impressionist Art
ART 2.3 History and Appreciation of Modern Art
ART 2.5 Women and Art Since 1500 (formerly Art 43)
ART 3 Introduction to Art and Design
ART 4 Principles of Color
ART 5 Three Dimensional Design
ART 7A Drawing and Composition I
ART 7B  Drawing and Composition II
ART 12 Beginning Figure Drawing
ART 13 Watercolor
ART 14A Beginning Painting
ART 14B Intermediate Painting
ART 14C  Advanced Painting
ART 19 Elementary Photography
ART 21  Intermediate Black and White Photography
ART 22  Advanced Black and White Photography
ART 23 Color Photography
ART 24 Introduction to the Art of Printmaking
ART 27A Beginning Screen Printing
ART 27B Intermediate Screen Printing
ART 28A Beginning Etching
ART 28B Intermediate Etching
ART 28C Advanced Etching
ART 31A Beginning Ceramics
ART 31B Intermediate Ceramics
ART 31C Advanced Ceramics I
ART 31D Advanced Ceramics II
ART 33A Beginning Sculpture
ART 33B Intermediate Sculpture
ART 34A Ceramic Sculpture
ART 34B Advanced Ceramic Sculpture
ART 49 Independent Study in Art
ART 53 Exhibition Design and Management
ART 59 Photojournalism
ART 62 Alternative Photography Processes
ART 66.1 Professional Photography - Portrait
ART 66.2 Professional Photography - Product
ART 66.3 Professional Photography - Event
ART 66.4 Professional Photography - Architecture
ART 69 Introduction to Cartooning and Sequential Art
ART 75 Advanced Sculpture
ART 82 Beginning Digital Photography
ART 83 Intermediate Digital Photography