The art department is located in Analy Hall on the Santa Rosa campus. The building contains multiple classrooms all dedicated to the art disciplines offered at the SRJC. The facilities includes a wood and metal shop, printshop, darkroom, ceramics studio, painting & drawing studios, and digital lab.

The Petaluma campus also offers many art classes, and is equipped with painting & drawing studios, and a digital photography lab.


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    Painting and drawing studios have natural and color-corrected lighting, including adjustable track lighting. Studios are furnished with easels, taborets, drawing tables and horses (depending on the discipline). Painting studios include storage space and a cleanup room. Outdoor work area is also available.


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    The print shop is a large, well-ventilated studio space that is set up for etching, relief, and screenprinting. Equipment includes two etching presses, washout booths, nitric and ferric etching, graphics darkroom, and process camera.


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    The photography darkroom is equipped with 16 black and white stations, and 7 color stations with automatic processor. The studio also includes film loading rooms, and a light prep area for drying, mounting and viewing photos. There is also a computer lab, and digital printer adjacent to the darkrooms for digital photography.


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    Ceramics has multiple throwing wheels and a large area for hand building in the main studio. Additional rooms include a glaze room, hot rooms, clay storage area, and kiln room. Ceramics has the use of a large gas kiln and multiple electric kilns. There is  also an outdoor area for raku firing.


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    The sculpture studio is equipped with areas for light metal fabrication, stone carving, wood working, clay, plaster, and various assemblage processes. Attached to the studio is a woodshop that is available to students taking a sculpture or 3D class. There is also a large outdoor work area available.



    The art history class is a 45-seat lecture room equipped with microphone, wide projection screen and a digital projector.



    The Digital Arts Lab has 11 Macintosh computers with 21" monitors, digital tablets, flatbed and slide/film scanners, and color printers. This lab is used in conjunction with classroom instruction and is accessible to students during class periods.