B&w, sketch and person art


ARTstor Digital Library is an image database that can be accessed through the SRJC Library. 
It is a nonprofit resource that provides over 1.5 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities and sciences with an accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research.

Create an Account
Use a computer on the SRJC Santa Rosa or Petaluma campuses to register for an account on the ARTstor website.
Remote Access from Off-Campus
To access ARTstor from home or other remote location, follow the ARTstor Accessing instructions
Keeping your account active

To keep your home account active, you will need to log onto ARTstor from a campus computer every 120 days. When you enter the ARTstor site from home, it should tell you how many days are left until you need to log in using a campus computer. 

If you haven't logged into the site for awhile and can't gain access to the site when you try, it probably means you need to log in using a campus computer to reactivate your account.   

SRJC ARTstor Contacts:
SRJC Institutional Contact 
Erin Daniels

Sources for Help