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visual resource library

Located in Analy Hall, Room 710

Film Collection 
The SRJC Art and Art History Department's Film Library is a small collection of fine art films that the faculty has collected through the years. We are continually adding to this collection. The films are a great instructional resource. 
Slide Collection 
The SRJC Art and Art History Department’s slide collection is available to all Art Department instructors as a teaching resource. It is an expansive image collection of approximately 40,000 slides, stored in the Visual Resources Library. The collection includes maps, didactics, and covers time periods from prehistoric to contemporary art. 

Note: The slide collection is available digitally on our Art Archive Server

Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides; working with time 

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 

Celestial Navigations; the short films of Al Jarnow 

Chuck Close 
"Hans Hofmann:  Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist"

Jackson Pollock: Art Documentary
The Drawing Room Society:  Robert Arneson
The Drawing Room Society:  Nathan Oliveria
William Kentridge:  Drawing the Passing 

Video Cassettes 

Alone in the Wilderness: KQED Channel 9 

American Visions: The Empire of Signs 

Art in the Making: Italian Painting Before 1400 

Chihuly Over Venice 

The Colourmen 

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past 

The Drawing Society: Robert Arneson 

The Drawing Society: Nathan Oliveira 

Florence Dixon 

French Impressionists 

Getting to Know Egypt; Egyptian panorama yesterday and today 

Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist 

In the Kingdom of the Gods and the Giants 

Lascaux Caves, Sister Wendy 

Masters of Illusion (perspective) 

Painters Painting-New York, Art Scene 1940-1970 

Sister Wendy’s: Art Institute of Chicago 

Sister Wendy’s: The Cleveland Museum of Artπ 

Sister Wendy’s: Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas 

Sister Wendy’s: Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

Sister Wendy’s: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

Sister Wendy’s: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

Steve Martin, “Live with King Tut” 

Understanding the Artist's Brushes 

William Kentridge: Drawing the Passing 

Protocol for Borrowing Slides

The Image Resource Library's slide checkout system is based on color cards that are located above the slide drawers on the right side of the room. 

Full-time faculty are assigned personal color cards. Adjunct instructors use the light orange cards. 

When you find slides you would like to borrow:

Place your assigned color card in place of each slide you remove. 

Please return your slides promptly to the "return" box which is located to the right of room 710, above the center of the cabinets. 

The slide carousels are available for the length of time of your slide lecture. 

You may store the slide carousel with slides in the Image Resource Library if you are assembling them a few days in advance of your lecture. 

Please remember to return the lock rings with the carousel.

Protocol for Borrowing Films

The Film collection is located on the shelf above the slide cabinets, to the right as you enter Analy Hall, 710. 

When you find a film you would like to check out:

Fill out the Film sign-out sheet. The sign-out sheets are on a clip board hanging on the wall to the right of the films. 

When you return the film, please fill in the date you return the film on the sign-out sheet. 

Please return the films promptly so other instructors may use them. 

Some of these films are irreplaceable so we need to take good care of them.